A special workshop is organized: February, 10th 2021 from 15 -18 h as an online conference! In the first part of this workshop the "in-air-capturing" method will be explained and its superior calculated performance as an RLV-recovery method is demonstrated. Afterwards the current status of ongoing simulations, experiments and lab-scale flight demonstration in the FALCon-project is presented complemented by an outlook on the next steps in the H2020-project. Finally, the workshop will describe a proposal for the following technology maturation steps after H2020 in the form of dedicated technology development roadmaps. Time for Q&A will be available. Participation in the workshop is free but advance registration will be required. Just contact us by email and you will receive all connection details! The participation is limited to organizations from ESA or EU member states. We count on your expertise and the workshop gives you the opportunity to propose potential attractive alternative applications of the technology in the space transportation or identify critical points. Further, the workshop and subsequent dedicated meetings open the chance to talk about your potential involvement in future development of "in-air-capturing". More information (presentation and technical documentation) on "in-air-capturing" is available for download here: Presentation https://elib.dlr.de/140285/1/DLR-in-air-capturing.pdf Technical Report on different RLV return modes’ Performances https://elib.dlr.de/137735/1/FALCon-Deliverable-D21.pdf In-Air-Capturing Development Roadmap (State of the Art) https://elib.dlr.de/137738/1/FALCon-D22-Roadmap.pdf Scaled Experiment Scenario Description https://elib.dlr.de/137739/1/D23_Scaled_Experiment_Scenario_Description_final.pdf